A man called Nomad

What makes a nomad? Is it his land, his herd or is it just his heart? What if his land is fenced, his movements restricted? What if he has to live in town? Can he still be a nomad?  What happens to his land? His herd? His heart?
Through the story of Choegatar, a 30-year old nomad living in North Eastern China, "A Man Called Nomad" explores the dilemmas of a modern nomad caught between traditional nomadic life and the changing world around him.

The Jury of the "Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People" prize awarded the prize to the film: "A MAN CALLED NOMAD" by Alex Gabbay (Nepal/China) which, with meticulous field work and participant observation, transcends the colourful portrayal of an ethnographic documentation to draw close to the real existential context of attachments, uncertainties and difficulties, and also the positive sentiment of living, within the family circle surrounding "a man called nomad" in a framework of epoch-making transformations.

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Alex Gabbay
39 minutes

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