Holy men and Fools

Film-maker Michael Yorke sets off on a pilgrimage across the high Himalayas. His guides are Uma, a retired Swedish model who has spent 25 years seeking enlightenment, and Vasisht, a charismatic young Indian holy man.  Together they wander the mountains, living in the caves and huts of reclusive mystics who have sacrificed all on their path to God.  Michael’s aim is to understand this extraordinary life of devotion and extreme penance, but Uma and Vasisht feel their esoteric secrets should not be divulged to foolish outsiders. As friendship develops, Michael is forced to confront his own spiritual path; can he trade his western logic and reason for faith and intuition? After his rare and intimate glimpse into the hidden world of Hindu asceticism, will Michael end up on the side of the wise men or the fools?

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Michael Yorke
72 min.

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