Journey of a Red Fridge

This is a story of a 17-year-old boy named Hari Rai, who lives in a small village in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, and his extraordinary journey. Hari is a student who also works as a porter in order to pay his university fees and living expenses at Management University in Pokhara. Although very young, he already has three years of experience carrying loads up and down mountains, mostly tourists' backpacks.

On this particular journey, he is hired to carry a huge red Coca-Cola refrigerator from the top of the mountain to the nearest town. We follow Hari Rai on his four-day journey through the fascinating Himalayan landscapes. We discover Hari’s inner life, his thoughts, hopes and dreams, his relationships to his family and his village, and we also get to know the culture and the daily routines of the people in this region. We learn about their relation with the most important aspects of their lives: family, nature and religion.

Out of 60,000 child porters in Nepal, Hari is one of the few lucky ones to have a chance of going to school. We can see what it takes him to get his education. As time passes, it becomes apparent that this is a young man struggling between two worlds; rejecting and questioning some aspects of his own culture while simultaneously working within it.

Throughout this trek, we are given glimpses of western tourists as seen through the eyes of porters and local residents of the Himalayan Mountains. From vistas dominated by 8000 meter peaks to lush riverside hot springs; from sacred Buddhist temple complexes to thatched hut villages, we see the contrast between this red brand-name fridge and the breathtaking virginal landscapes of Nepal. The shifting scenery of this journey takes us from the personal to the general: from the empty arid mountains to the bustling crowds of urban life.

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Lucian Muntean &
Natasa Stankovic
52 minutes

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