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Faith and Healing in a Ladakhi Village

This film gives an insight into the daily life and work of the traditional healer Amchi Smanla Tsering and his wife Tsering Dolma. They live in the Tibetan Buddhist village of Tia in a remote valley in Ladakh. Smanla is not only a healer, but also a farmer and this film shows how he combines these activities during the intensive harvest months. Very often the Amchi is the only person the villagers can turn to for medical or mental help. He also gives advice on important community matters. The Amchi's way of treatment and diagnosis is based on Tibetan medicine. Most important is the questioning, the feeling of the pulse and the observation of the tongue and eyes. Treatment mostly consists of self made powders, made of herbs, minerals and animal products, as well as advice on behaviour and diet. The Amchi's work as a healer is strongly connected with religion, so he attends the major Buddhist festivals. In this film the Full Moon Festival is celebrated.

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Henriette Lavaulx-Vrécourt
30 min.

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